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Kucoin Whales Club disclaim all responsibility for any losses you could sustain as a result of utilizing our trading signals. Although the sources of the information in this correspondence are thought to be trustworthy, it does not guarantee future results. Information does not guarantee future circumstances, and predictions do not allow for this. This website’s content shouldn’t be interpreted as a suggestion for anyone.
Instead, you should use it as a guide to choose which transactions to make.
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On our website, you may subscribe for a range of subscription lengths. The service may be renewed for a very long period. The cost of the chosen subscription programme will be applied to the fee you pay at the time of purchase.
Once payment has been charged, your subscription programme will start. Until you cancel, it will then renew automatically. During the subscription period, you can also cancel at any moment. This is due to the possibility of fee changes at the conclusion of the subscription period.
Except as required by law, subscription payments are not refundable.
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