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Every membership plan has an own trading approach modified for exchange requirements. Depending on the exchange you trade on or the trading strategy you prefer the most, pick the ideal one for you. Take them all at a discount if you want to profit the most from this market. Seats are limited for each plan because we need to maintain discretion; at any time, we reserve the right to stop accepting new members.


$ 50
Those who are looking to increase their passive income from their cryptocurrency assets might consider signing up for the Kucoin Monthly Whale plan. This membership can help you make an extra 10%-15% each month by giving up to 50 signals from our expert analysts.


$ 136
When it comes to the Kucoin Quarterly Whale plan, there are no limits to signals. A subscription is a great option for individuals who want to get the most out of their money. You can expect monthly earnings of 15% – 20% with this membership.


$ 510
Our knowledgeable analysts will provide users with a list of coins or a single coin that has a strong chance of increasing by three to four times or more. These are not pump-and-dump coins.

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